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Meeting Date: 5/21/2019 - 4:00 PM
Category: 5.0 RECOGNITION
Type: Info
Subject: Recognition of the 2019 Battle of the Books Student Winners
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Summary: The Board of Education is asked to recognize the 2019 Battle of the Books student winners. Battle of the Books is a competition designed to encourage students to read a wider selection of quality, challenging literature written by a variety of authors. Students come together as teams to demonstrate their abilities and answer higher-level comprehension questions from 40 award-winning novels. South Park Elementary Media Specialist, Deanna Jones, coordinated the extraordinary event on May 2, 2019 at the Rawlings Library.

Teams of fifth grade students from Belmont Elementary, Carlile Elementary, Haaff Elementary, Irving Elementary, Minnequa Elementary, Morton Elementary, Pueblo School for the Arts and Sciences, South Park Elementary, and St. John Neumann Catholic School participated.

The following teams placed as follows:
1st Place - South Park Team 4 (Josiah Avila, Aurora Ortiz, Chelsi Higgs, Kailand Sewell, and Daizey Romero)
2nd Place - Irving Team 1 (Adeline Maracola, Rose Guasta, Natalie Romero, Brevelynn Wright, and Donivin Rael)
3rd Place - South Park Team 2 (Luke Elliott, Jordan Valdez, Nevaeh Rodriguez, Gabriella Salazar, and Layla Dost)

Receiving Honorable Mention were:
South Park Team 1 (Alex Marquez, Matthew Avalos, Zion Sewell, Kaleb Swart, and Sebastian Jones)
South Park Team 3 (Onalea Diaz, Alayna Gibbons, Breckin Weatherford, and Kyla Melton)
St. John Neumann Team 1 (Macie Gross, Joey Welte, Sebastian Cummings, and Christian Garcia)
Recommendation: The Board of Education gives recognition the 2019 Battle of the Books student winners as presented in the May 21, 2019 Board materials.
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Kathleen Vail - Educational Secretary
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Cary Palumbo - Executive Director of Elementary Education
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Suzanne Morey - Assistant Superintendent for Teaching & Learning
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Charlotte Macaluso - Superintendent